Candy Floss also known as Cotton candy (U.S., Bangladesh, India, Canada), Hawai Mithai (Bangladesh), Candy floss (UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ireland, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Canada), or tooth floss (South Africa), and Fairy Floss (Australia) is a form of spun sugar. According to the New York Times, the confection "is almost 99.999 percent sugar, with dashes of flavoring and food coloring."[1]

Made by heating and liquefying sugar and spinning it out through tiny holes, where it re-solidifies in minutely thin strands of "sugar glass,"[2] the final cotton candy contains mostly air; with a typical serving weighing approximately 1 ounce or 30 grams.

Often served at fairs, circuses, carnivals, and Japanese festivals, cotton candy is sold on rolled up paper, on a kebab stick or in plastic bags.[3][4][5] Food coloring can be used to change the natural white colour, and numerous flavourings are available to change the taste.

Similar confections include the Indian Sohan papdi, the Persian Pashmak, and the Turkish Pişmaniye, although the latter is made with flour and water in addition to sugar.

Both children and adults love candy floss it makes a great addition to your child's birthday party, wedding, christening, fete, or fair. Fun Factory is aware of the love for the Candy floss by children and adults and got the machine at the factory for the candy floss lovers who visit. So if you are a lover of candy floss, then come through and have the spun of sugar on a kebab stick with numerous flavourings for tasting.

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